Data Management

With the advances in technology and new methods in data acquisition, there is a multi-fold increase in the volume of data that needs to be processed, analyzed and delivered in a timely manner to support decision making for successful operations. The use of effective strategies is paramount in managing the datasets from the creation to completion. Contact us today to see how CPT Group can help your company improve data management and create growth.

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CPT Group provides comprehensive and cost effective solutions and services for managing data. The following highlights the core of our services:

Pipeline Data Management Covering

  • Data and process review and recommendation.
  • Pipeline data management services that integrate operation, inspection, repair, maintenance and HSE datasets.
  • Pipeline system integration with corporate enterprise systems such as SAP, document and content management and other similar systems.
  • System training and support.
  • Onsite services for data QC, cleaning and loading into databases using industry standard data models Pipeline Data Open Standards (PODS) and ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM).

Document Management Services

  • Provision of supply and implementation of document management solution including onsite configuration and training.

Data Management Consultancy

  • Review of existing data and workflows in order to recommend best practices and specify solutions with reference to clients’ information management strategy.

GIS Services

  • Geospatial data management support (using ESRI’s ArcGIS) for all stages of E&P lifecycle. Our services include consultancy, solution development, implementation and training.

Data conversion and remediation Services including

  • Well log digitizing and processing, seismic vectorization and tape transcription.