CPT Group manufactures land drilling rigs, customized drilling equipment and production packers for well completion. We also offer remanufacturing and certification of pressure control equipment such as blowout preventers and subsea riser systems that meet stringent OEM and API standards. Contact us today to learn more about our manufacturing and remanufacturing services. 

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Land Drilling Rigs & Customized Drilling Equipment

  • CPT group manufactures land drilling rigs including conventional rigs, hydraulic rigs, mobile drilling rigs. We provide state of art technology, fast-moving and highly efficient drilling rigs up to 3000 HP.
  • In addition to supplying complete rig packages, CPT Group also supplies customized drilling equipment such as derricks, draw-works, top drives, and mud pumps. We also offer complete drilling instrumentation systems and electrical and electronic systems with latest VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) in order to meet challenging requirements that many of our customers face while operating in harsh environments.

Production Packers for Well Completion

  • Manufacture mechanical and hydraulic production packers to meet customer requirements.